the photographers

We’re Jill and Jillane.

We’re mother-daughter and Savannah, Ga photographers.

You're a brand new mom...

(or about to be one) so in love and proud of the delectably precious creation you just brought into the world. Despite the extra pump of caffeine in your coffee, you know remembering all those sweet details of your baby you so desperately don’t want to forget are about to get real fuzzy real fast with that sleep deprived brain of yours.

And despite you not wanting to give into the cliche’s, this babyhood deal is moving by entirely too fast (even if you could use 8 thousand more hours of sleep…amen?? AMEN.). 

You want to remember what he smelled like, how he stretched his arms up every time he yawned big, her delicious double thigh rolls, and how that ceiling fan truly was their bestest friend.

Oh how you’re in just the right place…

Meet your photographers, Jill Shuman and Jillane Tucker.

We’ve been right where you are, mama. With over 25 years in business in the Savannah area, we’ve been photographing babies in our Silver Cup baby plan for years.

We’re your gals, and we’re gonna make sure we help you remember everything…minus the tacky newborn turtle outfit and awkward prom poses.


Family portraits don’t mean anything, until they mean everything. 

With my dad in the next room doubling over in pain, Jill and I had our ears pressed on the phone together. Tears streaming down our face, Dr. Mathews words stung. The diagnosis…cancer.

Jill began this business in 1996, when I (Jillane) was the ripe ole age of 6. She would never tell you that she hoped and prayed I would want to do this her someday, and she’d tell you she never pressured me into it. And she would be absolutely be telling the truth.

What began in 2009 as a late night trip to the ER for what we thought was an appendicitis diagnosis for my dad, turned into an incurable diagnosis of cancer for him.

We left Broken. A mess. No appetite. Our world upside down and laying in puddles of what if’s and what do we do’s.

And that’s precisely where we began this beautiful mother-daughter duo. With no one able to run the business while out of state, the keys were left to the 19 year old girl who had occasionally photographed a wedding or two with her mother.

“This is the day that the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

Psalm 118:24

That’s the verse in which I heard every morning as a little girl as Jill opened my curtains and the morning sunlight crept in. This is the day.

And isn’t that kind of funny? From very early on, she taught us that THIS is the day. Because we don’t know what tomorrow holds. If cancer taught our family anything it’s this verse.

Our hope, as your Savannah family photographers, is that your photographs would speak of the rich goodness in your life. And that you would find delight in all the days past and all the days that are to come.

We hope that the memories and photographs  flood your heart, overwhelm your soul, and that you would be reminded of the amazing legacy you are building.

May your cup truly runneth over…this is the day. Rejoice, friends! Your family portraits…they mean everything.



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