we’re Jill and Jillane

Savannah Newborn & Family Photographers

We’re mother-daughter and business partners. If you’re looking for photographers who are classic, never trendy, and love all things smocked, we’re your girls. And we’re on a mission to help busy moms achieve stress-free portraits and get digital files into their real everyday life on their walls and in stunning heirloom baby albums.


We’re Jill and Jillane,

we’re a mother-daughter photography team based in Savannah, GA.

We’ve been newborn and family photographers in Savannah, GA, for 25 years (May 2021) documenting thousands of sweet stories and celebrated milestones throughout the years. 

But you want to know the scariest part of this job? We’ve heard it time and time again throughout our years here. It’s hearing a high school mom say, “Where did the time go? I can’t believe senior year is here.” It’s seeing her wipe the tears as we show her the images knowing full well she feels like it was just yesterday she was rocking that baby to sleep with milk dribbling from his mouth. The scariest part is knowing that the time always comes more quickly than we could have ever imagined. “Time flies” they all say. And one day without us even noticing…

Savannah Newborn and Family Photographers


Time…the one thing you will never get back. Having a baby can send you into a bit of a whirlwind thick with mom brain, spit-up, and mountains of laundry. But even so, it’s layered with the most delightful moments you’ve ever experienced as a human.

Pictures are the stories of our lives, and the tangible  reminder of those sweet details and days we swear we’d never forget. As a mother-daughter team who’s been in biz for 25 years, we know exactly what to photograph so your stories and little baby chubby thighs are never ever forgotten. Amen? Amen. We got you, sis. We think his double chin is scrump-tilly-umptious too. 

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